Recycling – Product Stewardship

Panel Disposal

Ozone Panel will encourage demolition contractors to recycle our panels. The first option will be to re-use the panels when buildings are demolished before the panel systems have reached the end of their useful life.

Where re-use is not possible the panels can be delivered to a conventional shredder plant, which will separate the wood facings from the insulation core in readiness for sale or further processing.

Polyisocyanurate foam is a relatively new application in the construction industry and given its life cycle is up to 50-years, only small volumes of foam are being recycled and as such commercial applications/processes for recycling are currently limited.

Current options include the heating of the foam with glycol mixtures that can achieve a simple and economically attractive recycling process. The process is emission free, not sensitive to varying product mixes and the obtained polyols can be completely reused in the manufacture of rigid foams. Polyols used in the manufacture of polyisocyanurate foam are often sourced from recycled polyurethane products. We will pursue future options that can create a continuing loop of recycling input materials.

Ozone Panel will liaise with industry bodies such as PIMA, Bayer, the Polyurethane Foam Association ( to further develop efficient domestic recycling options.

The OSB board utilised in the Ozone Panel can be re-chipped and remains an excellent carbon store in any future application.